Sandeep Rai

Sandeep helped launch Teach For India in 2008 after teaching secondary science in Washington DC, as a Teach For America Corps Member and subsequently working as a fundraising consultant with Ashoka. His experience in the classroom deepened his resolve to contribute to the educational reform movement and motivated by the same – he has led the creation and implementation of Teach For India’s first Institute. Over the past twelve years, Sandeep has been a key architect of Teach For India’s organizational strategy and flagship fellowship program. After serving in more than half-a-dozen roles, today he oversees both strategy and operations across the organization’s eight regions. He shared his experiences in the book he authored, “Grey Sunshine, Stories from Teach For India”. Sandeep has launched his new venture, The Circle, an entrepreneurship incubation and support program that ultimately leads to a network of schools and after-school programs. He will continue to serve in advisory capacity for Teach For India, as their Chief of City Operations.

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