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Delivering Goverment Schmes
Panah Runs Community Resource centre and have network of 1000+ Saathis in community based Leader who help us to delivered services and schmes and legal aid to community.
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Adult Literacy Programme
Panah runs Adult Litaracy programme to community woman to undertand basice education and some finacial services work as well.
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#MandurBazaar is pilot project by Panah to connect Jobs with informal workers and connect them with Safe job Opporchunity.
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Digital Litaracy Programme
Panah foundation run Digital Litaracy Programe for its benificiary where they can learn about basics of Internet and commputer
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India have 81% of work force working in informal Sector sector without Dignity in Life

India provides 20+ Trillian rupees to various social welfare schemes and services

Every 1 out of 4 suicides in India is committed by unorganized workers

Our History

Panah Foundation was started in 2015 by Naresh, a young man
who had himself experienced the difficulties faced by migrant workers. He had
worked as a child laborer in a factory, hotel, and tea soap, but he never gave
up his formal education. He took a part-time job in a hotel/restaurant and
completed his graduation in commerce. He then joined a job as an admin
assistant at Teach for India, where he was exposed to the challenges faced by
migrant workers in India.


As Naresh began to learn more about the plight of migrant
workers, he was moved to take action. In 2015, he started Panah Foundation with
the goal of supporting migrant workers with basic support from a
not-for-profit. With the help of a bank loan, he started a digital mobile
office that helped migrant workers to get jobs, their rights, and legal aid in
the workplace in cities. Over time, Naresh and Panah Foundation helped
countless migrants with their needs.

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