Panah Foundation’s holistic approach empowers informal workers through digital literacy, financial knowledge, and basic education. Our initiatives bridge the education gap, fostering digital literacy, and promoting financial independence among these workers. Together, we’re creating a brighter future for hardworking individuals in our communities.

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Empowering Informal Workers with Digital Skills

In today's digital age, everyone needs to understand technology. But many informal workers struggle with this because they didn't have the chance to learn. That's where Panah Foundation steps in. We're helping these workers by teaching them basic computer skills, how to use mobile phones, and how to surf the internet. We're not stopping there. We also want to make sure they know how to stay safe online. That's why we're teaching them about cybersecurity and how to avoid online scams. With these new skills, informal workers can thrive in the digital world and protect themselves online. Panah Foundation is here to support them every step of the way.

Financial Literacy: Empowering Informal Workers with Financial Knowledge

Many informal workers in our communities lack the knowledge and education about financial services. They often struggle to recognize the right financial options for themselves. That's why Panah Foundation is on a mission to raise financial awareness among these informal workers. We're working to connect them with banks and other financial institutions, helping them understand the world of financial services and access them. Our focus is not only on the workers themselves but also on empowering women with savings mechanisms and other essential financial skills. Together, we're building a financially aware and empowered community.

Empowering Through Literacy: Bridging the Education Gap for Informal Workers

We recognize that many informal workers may not have had the opportunity for formal education, and they often struggle to access the entitlements they deserve. Basic literacy is a fundamental skill, and Panah Foundation is committed to making it accessible to them. We've initiated programs to teach informal workers the essentials of reading, writing, and understanding. We understand their busy schedules, so we integrate learning into their work routines. After their work, we provide them with valuable time to engage with words, logical thinking, and more. Through this initiative, we're not just empowering them with literacy; we're opening doors to a brighter future.
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