Collective Action & Advocacy

Panah Foundation is dedicated to transforming the informal labor sector by fostering collectivity and empowering workers across various domains. We firmly believe that the key to improving the lives of informal sector employees is to provide them with a collective voice and formal recognition. To achieve this, we have collaborated with multiple workers’ associations, each serving a unique sector:

  1. Hospitality Employed Worker Association (HEWA): HEWA advocates for the rights and welfare of individuals employed in the hospitality industry. Panah Foundation has played a pivotal role in founding and nurturing HEWA, ensuring that these workers receive equitable treatment and have a unified voice within the sector.
  2. Factory Employed Workers Association (FEWA): FEWA is committed to championing the interests of factory workers. Panah Foundation’s support has been instrumental in the development of FEWA, empowering factory employees to assert their rights and improve their working conditions.
  3. Self Employed Workers Association (SEWA): SEWA focuses on self-employed workers, including street vendors, artisans, and small business owners. Panah Foundation’s assistance has allowed SEWA to provide resources and establish a platform for self-employed individuals to thrive.
  4. Construction Employed Workers Association (CEWA): CEWA addresses the unique needs of construction laborers. Panah Foundation actively promotes CEWA, ensuring that construction workers have access to better working conditions, safety measures, and legal support.
  5. Transportation Employed Workers Association (TEWA): TEWA represents workers in the transportation sector. Panah Foundation has been instrumental in advancing TEWA’s cause, enabling transportation employees to have a stronger voice in advocating for their rights and working conditions.

As of March 2022, these associations collectively boast an average of 1,240 members each. While many members are registered, it’s important to acknowledge the diversity within the informal labor sector, where some workers may not be formally registered. Panah Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to further the interests of these associations, with the aim of ensuring that an even greater number of workers benefit from collective strength and support in the future.



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