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Donate to Panah Foundation: Transforming Lives, One Contribution at a Time


Your generous donation to Panah Foundation empowers marginalized communities, especially informal workers, by bridging the gap between them and government schemes and social welfare programs. Your support helps:


1. Train and expand our community leaders (Saathis) network for broader outreach.

2. Create livelihood opportunities through initiatives like “Momo King” and skill development.

3. Enhance health and well-being with health cards, insurance, and medical care.

4. Provide educational empowerment for both children and adults.

5. Foster inclusivity in society by ensuring everyone’s awareness and access to entitlements.



Your contribution directly impacts lives, making a lasting difference in livelihoods, health, and education. Join us in shaping a better future for marginalized communities and informal workers. Donate today and be part of transformative change.

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