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As of now, Panah Foundation has made a significant impact in addressing the challenges faced by migrant laborers and underserved communities in Ahmedabad. Here are some key highlights of our impact:

  1. Direct Beneficiaries: We have directly assisted over 22,500 individuals across communities in Ahmedabad.
  2. Government Schemes and Services: Our Citizen Resource and Support Centers (CRSCs) have facilitated access to vital government schemes, services, and documentation for thousands of people, empowering them to improve their lives.
  3. Digital and Financial Literacy: We’ve provided extensive digital and financial literacy training to foster self-sufficiency among beneficiaries,
  1. Pandemic Relief: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided relief to 12,500 families through ration distribution and support for small businesses.
  2. Community Collaboration: Our collaboration with community leaders and micro-entrepreneurship initiatives has contributed to sustained positive change.

While these numbers showcase our quantitative impact, the true significance lies in the transformative change experienced by countless individuals who now have greater awareness, access, and opportunities for a better future. We remain committed to expanding our reach and deepening our impact in the days to come.

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