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The “Citizen Resource Centre” initiative by Panah Foundation is driven by a clear mission: to empower individuals and communities by connecting them with existing solutions and resources. We believe that for every problem in the world, a solution already exists, and our role is to bridge the gap between people and these solutions.

The Problem: In India, numerous government schemes and social welfare programs are announced every year. However, many citizens lack the information and access needed to benefit from these initiatives. Similarly, countless corporate and non-governmental organizations run social support projects but often struggle to identify suitable beneficiaries.


The Solution: To address this issue, we have established Citizen Resource and Support Centers in communities, serving as one-stop destinations for citizens seeking information, access, and documentation related to various schemes and services. These centers offer a wide range of services, including:


1. Banking Facility: Assisting with account opening, deposits, and withdrawals.

2. Insurance and Pension: Providing guidance and support for enrollment.

3. E-Governance Services: Offering assistance with obtaining driving licenses, voting cards, PAN cards, marriage registrations, birth registrations, and more.

4. Job Information: Providing access to information about local and government job opportunities and assisting with form filling and job connections.

5. Community Q & A: Facilitating RTI applications on behalf of citizens.

6. Government Schemes: Providing information about and access to government schemes for which citizens are eligible.

7. Legal and Financial Assistance: Offering support in legal and financial matters, as well as access to opportunities and services.

8. Children’s Education: Supporting children’s education opportunities, scholarships, and schemes. We aim to establish child-friendly centers to help children attending government schools become more effective and empowered.


Project Result: The ultimate goal of the Citizen Resource Centre initiative is to empower citizens by providing them with essential information, access to services, and support in various aspects of their lives. We anticipate achieving the following results:


– Serving the Community: Every years our all centre has impacting via doing screening of average 7500 people in each centre and 4500 benificiary each centres. we have reach 48560+ Screening so fare and 22456 Benificiary in this projects. 


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