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Skill Development Training

Panah Foundation conducts skill development training programs for unorganized workers in collaboration with partner NGOs and institutes. These training programs cater to a range of sectors, including construction, hotels, factories, and retail. By empowering unorganized workers with essential skills, the initiative aims to enhance their employability, access to job opportunities, and overall livelihoods. Through these efforts, Panah Foundation is committed to bridging the skills gap and fostering self-reliance among unorganized workers.

Momo King: Empowering Informal Workers

The "Momo King" initiative, led by Panah Foundation, addresses the challenges faced by informal workers, who often lack job security and face employment uncertainties. This project establishes cloud-based kitchens, providing income security during job transitions and promoting entrepreneurship through momo sales. The key objectives include ensuring income stability, facilitating swift job transitions, and empowering informal workers to become entrepreneurs. The project significantly impacts the financial well-being and autonomy of informal workers, offering them greater control over their lives and livelihoods.

Empowering Micro-Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Livelihoods

Panah Foundation extends support to micro-entrepreneurs within the informal sector, facilitating the initiation of their small businesses. Our assistance encompasses accessing bank loans or individual loans from our donor network. We offer a comprehensive assistance model that includes business promotion and financial analysis. Our focus is on micro-entrepreneurs engaged in activities such as operating tea shops, selling vegetables, or vending small goods. We assist them in obtaining necessary licenses, ensuring compliance, and providing guidance to enhance their livelihoods. Through these initiatives, Panah Foundation is committed to empowering micro-entrepreneurs within the informal sector and fostering economic independence.
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