Karan KC

Karan Kc is an individual with extensive experience in the hospitality sector, having held multiple roles within the industry. He first joined Panah in 2015 as a Team Leader, where he showcased his leadership skills and made valuable contributions to the organization. Recognizing his expertise and dedication, Karan was subsequently appointed as a Board Member of Panah.

Within Panah, Karan’s main area of focus is community mobilization support in operations. Drawing on his 17 years of experience in the hotel industry, he brings valuable insights and management-level expertise to his role. His extensive background in hospitality equips him with the skills to effectively engage with the community and provide support in various operational aspects.

With his experience in managing hotels, Karan is well-versed in overseeing day-to-day operations, ensuring quality service delivery, and handling diverse teams. These skills and knowledge enable him to contribute to Panah’s operations by streamlining processes, implementing best practices, and ensuring efficient community mobilization.

Karan Kc’s extensive experience in the hospitality sector, combined with his leadership skills and role as a Board Member, make him a valuable asset to Panah. His contributions in community mobilization and operational support significantly contribute to the organization’s mission of creating positive social impact.

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