Ranjeet Kori

Ranjit Kori is a professional advocate who plays a vital role in the legal aid department of Panah. With a completed advocate degree, he possesses the necessary legal expertise to navigate complex legal frameworks and provide assistance to those in need. As a leader in the legal department of Panah, Ranjit is responsible for overseeing the organization’s legal activities and ensuring that the legal framework is effectively utilized to support Panah’s mission.

Ranjit’s involvement extends to consulting on legal matters for the Panah Foundation, where he provides guidance and advice on various legal issues that arise within the organization. His expertise is particularly valuable in addressing the specific challenges faced by migrant workers, a group that often requires legal support and advocacy.

Ranjit’s journey began with his post-graduation, after which he actively engaged with multiple NGOs working with migrant laborers. Through his experiences, he witnessed the struggles faced by this marginalized group and developed a deep motivation to help them. In 2015, he joined forces with Naresh to establish an NGO aimed at assisting migrant workers.

Within Panah, Ranjit has taken the lead on various projects, including the Panah Collective Action project and other initiatives related to legal aid. His self-motivation and dedication to helping migrant workers have been instrumental in driving these projects forward.

Ranjit Kori’s professional background as an advocate, his expertise in legal aid, and his commitment to the cause of migrant workers make him a valuable asset to Panah. Through his leadership and legal guidance, he contributes significantly to the organization’s collective efforts in supporting and advocating for the rights of migrant laborers.

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