Bhavika Bhogekar

Bhavika Bhogekar is an individual who has made significant contributions in the field of social work and advocacy. She completed her Master’s degree in Social Work and also pursued a course in law to become an advocate. Her journey began in 2012 when she founded an organization called HARI FOUNDATION, which was inspired by her father’s values of giving back to society.

During her work with HARI FOUNDATION, Bhavika encountered Naresh, presumably someone who shared similar values and goals. Through their shared passion for making a difference, Bhavika and Naresh developed a connection. Recognizing the need for an advocate in their work at Panah, Bhavika made the decision to join the organization and assumed a leadership role in operations.

As a lead operations officer at Panah, Bhavika played a crucial role in implementing various initiatives on the ground. She utilized her expertise and experience gained through her education and work at HARI FOUNDATION to effectively address the challenges faced by the organization.

Bhavika used her platform to raise awareness about important social issues such as women’s empowerment and children’s right to education. Through her speeches and advocacy, she aimed to bring attention to these critical topics, inspire change, and promote a more inclusive and equitable society.

 Bhavika Bhogekar’s dedication to social work, her role as a leader in Panah, and her commitment to advocating for women’s empowerment and child education reflect her deep passion for creating positive change in society.

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